Fort Fiat Youth Group


Welcome to Fort Fiat!
Are you ready for your next adventure? Our mission at Fort Fiat is to take you on an adventure through Christ’s gift of life with the one, true Catholic faith; our adventure of living life to the full, glorifying Christ and with the goal of Heaven in mind.

What is “fiat?” Fiat, by latin definition, means “let it be done.” Together we are forming an initiative to be the apostles of today that God wills for each one of us. It is our joyful decree to the world, and through the grace and glory of God, it can and will be done. I hope you can let this small step to sanctity be your own fiat.

~ LUKE 1:38 ~

Permission Forms:

Midnight Magi- Permission Form

 Middle School After School Hangout

Life Nights and Breakfast Clubs

Christian Music Workout



Ben Buening
       Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry 
Fort Recovery Cluster