Fort Fiat Youth Group


Welcome to Fort Fiat!
Are you ready for your next adventure? Our mission at Fort Fiat is to take you on an adventure through Christ’s gift of life with the one, true Catholic faith; our adventure of living life to the full, glorifying Christ and with the goal of Heaven in mind.

What is “fiat?” Fiat, by latin definition, means “let it be done.” Together we are forming an initiative to be the apostles of today that God wills for each one of us. It is our joyful decree to the world, and through the grace and glory of God, it can and will be done. I hope you can let this small step to sanctity be your own fiat.

~ LUKE 1:38 ~

Permission Form: Life Nights and Breakfast Clubs

Cast Your Nets: A Sunday evening retreat opportunity for both high school students and parents. The afternoon will include vocation workshops, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and Confession. The evening will begin with Mass which will meet the Sunday obligation. It will be held on Sunday, March 8th from 4-9pm at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in McCartyville, Ohio. Cost is $10 per participant. (Cap of $30 for families). We highly encourage parents to go with their high school student(s) as it is a great way to grow in faith together! Contact Ben to sign up. 
VIA Awake: In partnership with NET Ministries, the Office for Youth Evangelization and Discipleship is happy to present Awake, a Jr. High youth rally. Awake seeks to accompany 6-8th graders through an event that will provide opportunities for fellowship, worship, and encounter. The event is open and accessible to any 6-8th grader and will feature a meal, entertainment, music, games, small group conversation, a keynote testimony, Eucharistic adoration, and the opportunity for the youth to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It will be held at the Maria Stein Spiritual Center on March 22nd from 4:30-8:30pm. To register visit Please RSVP by March 18th. Contact Ben with any questions. 
All High School students were given a Life in the Spirit Seminar retreat form at religion class. This retreat focuses on starting or deepening a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the sacraments of the Catholic Church and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. This year’s theme is “He is the Cure.” Come to this local retreat if you are thirsty for authentic love, want an awakening and realization of God within your life, and/or ready to release the burdens in your life. Forms can be turned into Ben at the Cluster Office or mailed to the address on the retreat form. This retreat is attended by many students from area schools. March 20-22, 2020.


Ben Buening
       Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry 
Fort Recovery Cluster