Overview of Wedding Preparation

Fort Recovery Cluster Parishes

— Mary Help of Christians, St. Joseph, St. Peter, and St. Paul —
403 Sharpsburg Rd., Fort Recovery, OH 45846
(419) 375-4153

Each numbered entry on the list below is a requirement in the wedding preparation process.

For a printable checklist, click here.

Basic Information (complete at least eight months before the intended wedding date)

1. Complete and submit the initial form (must be completed to confirm wedding date):
Registration Information for Upcoming Marriages

2. Contact the office with any questions and to make sure these forms have been received, as well as to determine which priest will help you during your marriage preparation:
(419) 375-4153

3. Bride and groom separately complete and submit a questionnaire with the intention of helping the priest know who you are and what your understanding of marriage is:
Wedding Preparation Assessment Questionnaire

4. Send a photo of yourselves together to the cluster office.
(Your names and the word “photo” in the subject line):

5. As you begin to make plans for your wedding, look over the general norms so that you are not surprised by any of them closer to the wedding date:
General Norms for Weddings

Initial Meetings (you are eight months away – complete within the next month)

6. Set up and go to a first meeting with Father in order to get to know each other and go over the preparation process as well as any questions you might have.

7. Agree on a couple you would like to work with and ask if they are willing to mentor you.
Criteria for Choosing Mentor Couple

8. Ongoing (until step 12): begin working through the Witness to Love program by going through the Scavenger Hunt List (make sure to schedule and have your first meeting with your mentor couple within this time):
Scavenger Hunt List

Remote Preparation (you are now seven months away – complete within the next five months)

9. After your first meeting, Father will set you up to take the FOCCUS Evaluation Inventory separately. Fill out this inventory and then have a discussion based on the inventory with one of the FOCCUS couples or with Father.

10. Sign up for an Engaged Retreat Day and attend, then inform Father that you have completed this requirement.
Engaged Retreat Day Options and Details

11. After meeting with your mentor couple a total of four times, meet with Father and your mentor couple together for Session Five of Witness to Love, at which point you will also go over your comments and questions in response to the Engaged Retreat Day.

Immediate Preparation (you are now two months away – complete within one month)

12. Complete your Scavenger Hunt List.

13. Begin considering options for the Wedding Ceremony, using the Together for Life booklet as a guide. Fill out and submit the Wedding Day Selection Form:
Details on Planning the Wedding Ceremony

14. Get in contact with an organist to play at your wedding, if you would like one. You can ask for a list of organists and their numbers at the main office:
(419) 375-4153

15. Set up and go to a final meeting with Father in order to go over your selections, to finalize anything you did not understand or could not decide on, and to answer any other questions you might have.

Final Month (you are now one month away and will be plenty busy with other details and plans – make sure to take time to pray every day during this month!)

15. You must apply for a Marriage License at the Mercer County Probate Court (or, if you live in Ohio, any local county court) early this month in order for the marriage to legally take place. Do this early so you are not rushing to get it done. Father cannot witness the marriage if you do not have a marriage license with you on the day of the wedding.
Marriage License Requirements

16. It can be helpful to look again at the general norms at this point:
General Norms for Weddings