Planning the Wedding Ceremony

The Church provides a variety of options for weddings: to include music, prayers, readings, and so on. All of these options are presented in the booklet you receive at the first meeting, Together for Life. In addition, the book provides commentary on the readings to help you make your choices. Each section clearly tells you where you have an option, what the importance of that option is, and what each option is. As you make each selection, you can record it in the back of the book. If you are unsure of something, feel free to leave it until your meeting with Father, but try to make as many of the decisions as you can.

You can fill out your selections online here:

Together for Life Selection Form (Sixth Edition)

With regards to music, you will want to get in contact with the organist for your parish.

Mary Help of Christians: Name, Contact
St. Joseph: Name, Contact
St. Paul: Name, Contact
St. Peter: Name, Contact

With regards to Other Special Elements in Our Ceremony, be aware that, within the rite itself, only traditions whose symbolism is drawn from the rich symbols of the Catholic faith may be incorporated. The giving of flowers to Mary, for example, would be within those bounds, if you would like to entrust your marriage into Mary’s hands. A unity candle, on the other hand, would not. Candle flames have a rich tradition within the Church, always and exclusively representing the light of Christ, which is passed on to each of us without losing any of its own light. Feel free to ask about these and other traditions at your meeting if you have questions.

When submitting the form, enter the email address of the priest you are working with.

Please also email Father how you want to be introduced at the end of Mass as well as any other information you think could be helpful to him (e.g. for writing the homily).


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