How to Advance in Rank

Advancing in rank is, all in all, a simple process. Each server will have a progress sheet printed and placed for them in the Server Binder at their home parish. In order to advance to the next rank, a server must complete every requirement on this sheet and avoid having any recent no-shows (which are also recorded on this sheet). No-shows are only counted against a server if that server did not find a replacement. The sheet must always be filled out with the initial of the priest or adult volunteer that is present. An example of this progress sheet (for both advancement to Altar Server and Senior Server) can be seen here:

Progress Sheet Template

The examination requirement for each advancement requires that the server meet with an adult volunteer at a time when other adults are present in the sacristy (most often after a regular Sunday Mass) or at another time, accompanied by parents. This can be arranged with the adult volunteer by contacting them, but should only be arranged once all the other requirements on the Progress Sheet are finished. A list of adult volunteers for each parish, along with contact information, can be found in the Server Binder in each sacristy (the same binder containing the progress sheets). Once an examination is completed successfully, the adult volunteer who administered it will inform the office of the server’s change in rank.