The Chat with Father Matt

Listen along as Father Matt chats about the faith, life and so much more with others. He answers questions and provides new insight on the Catholic Faith. Father Matt keeps the show light and interesting, trying to be a beacon of light to all those that listen. Please click on the iTunes link below to hear more, or to ask questions please e-mail him at or through Facebook at Fort Recovery Catholic Cluster.

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Episode 1 – Sanctifying Everday Life

Episode 2 – The Anointing of the Sick

Episode 3 – Maria Stein Relic Shrine

Episode 4 – Net Ministries & Catholic Family Retreat

Episode 5 – Precious Blood

Episode 6 – Fasting for our Country

Episode 7 – The Bible as the Inspired Word of God

Episode 8 – Creationism & Evolution

Episode 9 – Liturgy of the Hours

Episode 10 – God’s Plan for Husband and Wife

Episode 11 – Fasting for Our Country